About us

Mischa & Cornelleke

Pleased to meet you! We are De Ridder family. Both born and raised in Zeeland. We both attended a time outside the province. And we both did not expect to come back this soon. But we found each other and the house of our dreams in Koudekerke. We now live there as a family, with our two children. We would like to share our home with others: that is why we started our bed & breakfast Casa Koudekerke. Meeting new people and learning about other cultures is what we love.

We are also addicted to travelling ourselves: city trips, long-distance travels and cycling holidays. We enjoy local food and preferably would like to stay with locals. We experienced lots of hospitality and kindness all over the world. This is what we want to offer our guests.

We hope to meet you in Casa Koudekerke !

Best wishes from Zeeland,

De Ridder family